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Tactical Delta Loop review

Tactical Delta Loop Review (Video)

In this Video we share the Chameleon Tactical Delta Loop review by Matt, M0DQW, from the “Tech Minds” channel on Youtube. It is a great review that also clearly points the Tactical Loop has superior signal to noise ratio compared with a dipole. In short, this antenna is quick to deploy, efficient and less prone to pick up local noise than many other portable antenna options! Enjoy the video!

Tech Minds Tactical Delta Loop Review

The Tactical Delta Loop antenna (CHA TDL), is a portable High Frequency (HF 80-6m) antenna specially designed for transportability, quick setup, and a small footprint. This antenna is ideal for camping or temporary installation in a small yard.

The Chameleon TDL can operate on all amateur radio bands from 3.5 to 54.0 MHz (80-6M), but is most effective on the bands from 10.1 to 54.0 MHz (30-6M). The Tactical Delta Loop will also provide acceptable shorter range Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) propagation on the 3.5 to 7.0 MHz bands (80 – 40M) making it a useful backup EMCOMM antenna preparedness.

The Tactical Delta Loop can easily be configured as a horizontally polarized inverted Delta Loop or as a ground mounted vertical antenna. Some of the advantages of a Delta Loop antenna over a vertical are increased efficiency, reduced noise, and some broadside directionality.

Antennas built by Chameleon Antenna are versatile, dependable, stealthy, and built to last. Please read the operator’s manual so you may obtain the maximum utility from your Tactical Delta Loop antenna.

To read more about this excellent antenna, go to the Tactical Delta Loop product page.

The Tech Minds YouTube Channel

The Chameleon Antennas are made with the finest material available. They can be used for multiple purposes such as Mobile, Portable, Base station, Marine, EMCOMM, MARS/CAP, ARES, SATERN, RACES, First Responders, Emergency Preparedness, Skywarn, Military & Government communications and much more.