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Are you looking for a quiet and efficient HF antenna that is almost invisible to the eye? A large horizontal loop antenna could be what you are looking for. These antennas offer many advantages, including the ability to operate on several amateur radio bands with a single antenna. In this article, we will explore large horizontal loops for the 3.5 MHz to 28 MHz amateur radio bands and how the Skyloop 2.0 from Chameleon can provide a quiet and efficient communication experience.

Firstly, let’s discuss what a horizontal loop antenna is. It is a wire loop that is positioned horizontally and is fed by a transmission line at one point. The loop can be either circular or rectangular, with a circumference that is a full wavelength or multiple wavelengths long. The loop can be positioned in different orientations, such as flat, sloping, or even vertical. Ideally the loop is deployed horisonally on 10 meters height using trees, poles or other attachment points. When only one support is available, the loop can be deployed in a triangular shape with the apex attached to a three or flagpole. The two lower corners can then be tied down with two to three-meter non-conductive guy lines and secured with ground stakes.

One of the main advantages of a large loop antenna is its ability to be multi-band, meaning it can operate on several frequencies with a single antenna. Additionally, a horizontal loop antenna can be configured in different ways to optimize its performance on specific frequencies.

Another benefit of large loops is that they are quieter than verticals and dipoles. This is due to their design, which is a closed loop antenna that minimizes background noise and interference. In a review of the Skyloop 2.0 on YouTube by OH8STN Julian, the antenna’s performance was put to the test. Julian notes that the antenna’s design provided a significant reduction in noise levels, allowing him to hear station not possible before.

The Skyloop 2.0 from Chameleon is an example of a large horizontal loop antenna that can be used for the 3.5 MHz to 28 MHz amateur radio bands. It is a full-wave loop antenna that measures 87 meters in length and can be set up in a horizontal or sloping configuration. The Skyloop 2.0 is built to handle up to 1 kilowatt of power SSB and 600 watts CW.

In the video review by OH8STN Julian, the Skyloop 2.0’s performance was tested on several frequencies, including 40 meters, 20 meters, and 10 meters. The antenna was able to pick up new stations never heard before from a range of countries, including the United States, Japan, and all over Europe.

In conclusion, a large horizontal loop antenna can be a valuable addition to any amateur radio operator’s antenna setup. The Skyloop 2.0 from Chameleon is an excellent option that is optimized for the 3.5 MHz to 28 MHz amateur radio bands. It is sure to enhance your communication abilities and help you make contacts around the world.

Watch OH8STN’s video review of the SkyLoop 2.0

Chameleon Skyloop 2.0 product page with specs and manual. 

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